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Cockatoo's Sweet Gesture Toward Another Bird in His Owner's Care Is Warming Hearts

Employees at a vet or shelter know that part of the job includes making rounds during the day. This means checking in on all the borders living there at the moment. As routine as this job is, it's helpful when someone comes along to make it a little more manageable. And for TikTok user @fixchix that someone who joins her is the furry kind. 

In her TikTok clip that captured our hearts, she is doing her normal job of walking around the clinic, checking in on the other animals. But this time joining her is a Cockatoo named Cumulus. He's walking with her during her daily duties, which of course makes any job a little more bearable. Plus, what he says to one of the other borders is so precious. Just when you thought birds couldn't get any cuter, along comes Cumulus!  

Aww! What a sweetie this bird is for coming along and greeting the other residents. He really said, "Hello, good bird." But did he say it to himself or another bird? LOL! Either way, we love that he said it! 

"The pitter-patter of his feet brightened my morning," wrote @Courtney Denslow. We could listen to his walking all day long! @ashley.f61683 added, "His little singing as he walks. My heart can't take it." We wouldn't mind going to work if Cumulus was our co-worker! He seems like such a joy to be around! 

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"Awwwww!!! It’s official- he works there now. ❤️," said @katelobberegt. By the looks of it, we'd say he does more than just work there...LOL! "He definitely looks in charge. Checking on the patients 😂😂," wrote @kobi_and_harry_say_hi. It's the walk that gives us this vibe. So confident! Plus, the feathers look like he has his arms behind his pack, inspecting the entire place. LOL! We believe he'd be the best boss ever!

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