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Video of Cockatoo Barking Like a Dog Over Something in the Yard Is Internet Gold

You might think your dog is tough, but they have nothing over a Cockatoo on TikTok. Yep, you read that right! Little Sweet Pea is one tough cookie. As can be seen in a video online where he's totally trying to protect his mama from something he spotted outside the house. 

Sweet Pea has the biggest personality, as can always be seen on his owner's TikTok page @theparrotlady. But if there's one thing you never want to do, it's show up at the bird's house unannounced. 

"Hey, what's the problem?" his mama can be heard saying from behind the camera. It almost sounds like the bird is barking! "Something was in the yard again," his mama wrote in the caption, before adding the face-palm emoji. 

We don't know what Sweet Pea spotted, but we sure wouldn't want to mess with him. And the almost 600,000 people who watched the footage didn't want to either. "Omg…if this isn’t cute the bird barking like a dog!! I’ve seen it all now!!" @stacykinsey635 wrote in the comments section. "You’re bird made my dog bark, now everyone’s losing their mind," @natashalovemoon shared. "I thought it was a little chihuahua losing its mind at first," @veriperiberri teased. "I think we have a dog in a bird's body," @samanthashurling joked.

Yep, our thoughts exactly.

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