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Video of Cockatoo Having Her Own Dance Party Is a Total Vibe

We all have that one song, or maybe a few songs, that once it comes on you really can’t stop your dancing feet. Just the first few notes of the song can instantly put you in a better mood, and get you off the couch and dancing right in your living room no matter the time of day. That’s pretty normal. We’ve definitely all been there! But has anyone else’s dancing been the one to get you into the groovy mood? We have a feeling that answer will change after you watch this TikTok video from @djskorpios.

This Cockatoo dad has been filming his bird jamming out to music for the past couple of years and honestly, it never gets old! “Getting ready for the summertime, EDM parties,” the caption reads on one of his most recent clips. His Cockatoo is all ready to go on the bathroom counter, waiting for the music to start. She double-checks that she knows the song before she begins. And well, let's just say her dance moves put ours to shame! 

Aww! She really was jamming out! She was jumping, bobbing her head and moving from side to side. The music really took control and she let it all out! This makes us want to drop everything and join her! 

"Wasn't on beat at first be she found it!" wrote @Danni Irene. Hey, she finds the beat faster than we can, LOL! The creator responded by saying, "It takes her a minute but she always finds that beat. 😏." She was born with natural rhythm. 

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TikTok user @fruititooty asked an awesome question, “Do they understand music? Like is the bobbing bc she likes it like humans do?” As it turns out, Cockatoos are one of the few species that can understand rhythm and react to it, according to the creator. That is SO cool! Maybe we can learn a thing or two about rhythm from these birds! Is she teaching any dance lessons any time soon?

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