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Video of Little Cockatoo Jumping for Joy to Get a Treat Is Just Precious

When there are multiple children in the family, as a parent, you have to be extra careful not to give one kid too much attention. Otherwise, the other kids will get upset and that could lead to a disaster. TikTok family @luckyloucocotoo knows that feeling with their 7 parrots and 2 German Shepherds. You have to treat them all equally, even if they are different animals. LOL! 

When the two dogs go to get a treat from dad, one of their parrots thinks it's time for a treat, too. Well, she's not wrong! The Cockatoo named Coco makes her way right next to the dogs so she knows her parents can see her. Smart bird! She didn't want to miss the treat opportunity. And luckily she did not! Just wait and see her reaction when she gets a treat! 

Aww! She wanted to be like just one of the doggos! (Don't tell her she's not, she might be upset.) We're glad she went up to get herself a treat because how could one animal get it and not the rest?! @Bikie bish said, "Of course, she gets treats when the dogs do!! It’s only fair 😊." It's true! You have to be equal with all the kiddos. 

It's hilarious because we didn't even see Coco at first. She's so small she blended right in! @SandalsOff wrote, "I didn’t even notice Coco until the hopping part! 😂." LOL! Aww, the happy jumps! And then did you see how gentle she was when taking her treat?! Too precious.

We aren't the only ones hopping over how cute Coco is. TikTok users are in love with this birdy. "HER LITTLE JUMPS 😭," commented @🦑Squidward🦑. "Her happy jumps... so adorable❤️❤️," added @diannefouts. We know exactly what those happy jumps mean too, ha! 

@staceybasiliadis3 said, "HER LITTLE HAPPY FOOD JUMPS 💜💜💜 I DO THAT TOO SOMETIMES 😂." Only sometimes? We're not ashamed to admit it's an everyday thing for us.