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Video of Cockatoo's Response to Seeing Her Canine Best Friend Makes Our Day

There's nothing better than seeing two animals become the unlikeliest of best friends. A dog and a flock of baby ducks? So cute! And check out this adorable video that recently went viral of a Cockatoo barreling towards the door when she sees her doggie BFF. 

People online could barely believe that Sweet Pea and Copper have this much love for each other, but the video doesn’t lie. The footage from @theparrotlady shows Sweet Pea the Cockatoo catch sight of Copper, and her reaction is absolutely priceless. 

Aww! She was so excited! Just too cute. “This is adorable,” @corinnedanel wrote in the comments section. “Proof the love is blind, and beautiful!🥰” @gravityisalaw agreed. “Awww that is the cutest thing she’s like, 'Momma, let my friend inside so I can play,'" @dawn_914 wrote. “Is this a dog?” @Safri20368 joked.

Some people worried that Copper might hurt Sweet Pea, but later in the comments section, her mom explained why that would never happen. “They were best friends when the puppy was a baby, but now that he’s so big, I only let them see each other if there’s something between them,” she wrote. “Copper would never hurt Sweet Pea, but he’s so big that accidents can happen. Responsible mom here,” she added. 

It seems like the bond between these two is pretty much unbreakable. Although some people might scoff at a bird and dog being buddies, we think that Sweet Pea and Copper make perfect sense.