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Video of Cockatoo ‘Falling in Love’ With a Puppy Is Too Cute for Words

As a pet parent, you always have to watch out for how they interact with other animals. You never know how things are going to go. Sometimes meeting a new pet ends in disaster. Or maybe it goes like how it did with a Cockatoo on TikTok named Sweet Pea and a new puppy friend. As the video shows, it was L-O-V-E.

Sweet Pea is the most loving bird, but that doesn't mean she gives out affection willy nilly. In fact, at first she was downright cautious about a coworker's puppy her mom was holding in a viral video on TikTok. But that eventually changed. "That one time Sweet Pea growled at a puppy and then fell in love," her mama, known as the Parrot Lady (@theparrotlady) online, wrote in the onscreen text. "Puppy wasn’t too sure," she added in the caption. By the end of the video, Sweet Pea was so happy she even had something kind to say to the pup. Check it out for yourself! 

The lovefest between Sweet Pea and the pooch spread all across the internet. Thousands of people wrote in to share how much they adored their bond. "I really need a bird. Like I really do I adore this baby," @samanthademagistris wrote. "It’s so sweet that she knows how to gently pet," @carmiebgood added. "She makes me lol so much with those foot pets. Love her!!" @ariesremi exclaimed. 

While another commenter put it this way: "Sweet Pea and puppies is the best combo." 

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And honestly, we'd have to agree. Sweet Pea is a lover, not a fighter. We just hope that these two keep the good vibes flowing.

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