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Video of Cockatoo Enjoying a 'McDonald's' Hash Brown Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Who doesn't love McDonald's? Admit it, it's definitely your number one favorite treat. So it should've been a surprise to no one that a Cockatoo on TikTok also is a fan of the fast food chain. So much so, that when it landed on the side view mirror of a man's car it was more than ready to have a little bite of hash brown that he offered. Yep, even birds can't get enough of Mickey D's!

The footage comes to us from Australia, where we guess seeing a Cockatoo in the wild is totally normal. The video, reposted by Lad Bible Australia @ladbibleaustralia, shows an unnamed man offering the bird a bite of his McDonald's breakfast (or Macca's as they call it over there). "Mate, we're going for a ride alright? We're going for a spin," he tells the bird from offscreen as they drive. 

Meanwhile, the Cockatoo is absolutely chowing down. "This is so good!" the man says from behind the camera with a laugh. "Just enjoying a morning hash brown," the video's caption states. 

People in the comments section were laughing at the side-splitting footage. "Who doesn’t love a hash brown," @joash_adventure_ joked. "That is so cool. You're right only in Australia. They have good taste," @bonnypurac teased. "Australians: he just chilling. Everyone else: bruh these birds are dangerous, "@mncappo quipped. "It's crazy people charge two grand for these when they roam around Australia," @r.wyse commented before adding a crying-laughing emoji. "Beautiful birds."

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Obviously we're going to have to book a trip to Australia ASAP. Now who can tell us where this McDonald's is? We have a Cockatoo to feed!

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