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Cockatoo's Adorable Game of 'Fetch' Is Totally Winning People Over

Between the cute little conversations they have with their humans and their lovable personalities, Cockatoos are just so irresistible! Some of them even enjoy playing games, like one bird in particular who loves to play "fetch." A video of the little game was shared on TikTok by @christhecockatoo, and it's so adorable, you won't be able to stand it.

The text on the clip reads, "When you don't have a dog." As you'll see, this sweet little guy named Chris (love it) doesn't play fetch with a bone, ball, or toy. Nope. He goes chasing after -- wait for it -- a tiny hangar! Just wait until you see how cute he is running after it.

OMG. The way he had his little wings outstretched was just too much! Could he possibly be any cuter? We think Chris deserves a fun game of fetch every day. TikTok users are getting such a kick out of his game. @Ricco said, "Omg his little run was just the cutest thing ever 🥰😂." It really was.

Another commenter, @bigjuicycrocs added, "He’s having so much fun 😊." And @Anatolie2022 made a great point, saying, "Birds are just a combination of cats, dogs, and toddlers. Three for the price of 1 boi 🐦." HA! So true.

Here's another cute video of Chris making up yet another fun little game.

What a personality this guy has! Something tells us life is never dull in that household, and days with Chris are full of nothing but pure entertainment!