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Viral Video of Cockatoo Saying 'I Love You' to His Puppy Has People Blown Away

The more we watch videos of Cockatoos, the more we are convinced we need one. They're such intelligent birds and we can't get over it. You've probably seen TikTok videos of these birds talking and repeating what their owners say. But no matter how many times you see it, it's still so amazing to watch. 

Just when we thought we couldn't be in any more awe from a talking bird, a TikTok has resurfaced from @theparrotlady. This TikTok user reshared a viral video of her Cockatoo saying 'I love you' to a little puppy. The original video has over 57.6 million views! A bird saying 'I love you' is nothing new, but how this bird processes the directions is just unbelievable! 

Please tell us you caught that! And if you didn't, don't feel bad because we didn't. LOL! We read the comments and realized that the bird changed the pronouns when he repeated the phrase! What?! How did he know how to do that?! 

@Bruna Pelucchi pointed out, "Omg he did not repeat: he changed the pronoun! 🙀." Wow! We really had to go back and play it again to see the change. @Yvonne added, "The bird didn't imitate you. When you said, 'Tell him you love him,' the bird said 'I love you.' That's intelligence." That's not just intelligence, that's next level. 

Another user, @omer added, "Pet petting pet." LOL. The bird was really petting the puppy. So cute! Well, maybe petting isn't a good word. He was gentle, but it looked more like a massage with those hands! The puppy didn't seem to mind at all though. 

"I rewatch this at least once a week! Makes my heart happy," said @Bronwyn Beth. We have a feeling we'll be right there with her. This is a perfect mood booster video.