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Cockatoo's Not-So-Subtle Way of Waking Up French Bulldog Is Just Priceless

Remember how fun sleepovers would be when you were little? The endless snacks and late-night talking. It would be the highlight of your entire week. Maybe even the month! But you can't forget about how annoying it would be if you were the first one up. You'd be unsure of whether or not you should wake the others. So you'd suffer in silence until the late morning. Trust us, we've been there before! Too bad we didn't pick up the confidence to wake our friends up earlier. We could've learned a trick or two from this little cockatoo

In a video shared by TikTok user @ndlawyer, which might be a reposed clip, the cockatoo was up and ready. But his bestie, a French Bulldog, was still fast asleep on the couch. This birdie wasn't going to waste the day away waiting for the dog to get up. So he starts peering his beak down towards the dog. That's when mom stepped in and said not to wake the dog, but of course, that didn't stop this birdie. You'll be LOLing when you see how the birdie decides to wake up the dog.  

O.M.G. He decided to skip the poking method and go straight to biting. LMAO! Not so subtle is he? And then when the dog woke up, he tried to play it off like he had nothing to do with it. @Shalena Lair wrote, "Bird was like ...IT WASNT ME DUDE😂😂." LOL! 

TikTok users are commenting on different scenarios that the bird would've said back to the mom. @Pumpkin Fur wrote, “You dare me?” LOL! Another user, @nj_dee9812 added, “U said I couldn’t pet him, Mom, u said nothing about not biting him tho!!” So do all children, pets included, know how to work around the system?! We knew they were too smart for us! 

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Hopefully the next time this Frenchie wants to take a nap, he finds a room where he can close the door. LOL! 

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