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Video of Newly-Adopted Cockatoos Meeting for the First Time Is Everything

There are some people that you click with immediately. Right away you can tell they're the one for you. These moments are magical, which is why we're lucky that a person on TikTok managed to record the second when their two cockatoos met. "I think we have a match made in heaven," they wrote. 

It's not always guaranteed that your pets are going to get along. So we're sure that Bear and Mo's humans were sweating it out. The footage on @housechickens shows what happened when the couple brought Mo home for the first time. Thankfully, these two immediately took to each other and really the only thing that was stopping them was their dad, who seemed to be in the way. "Day 1 as new sisters," the video's onscreen caption reads. Take a look!

The comments section was absolutely smitten with these two lovebirds. "THEY REALLY NEEDED EACH OTHER. HOW PRECIOUS!!" @user2201390166448 exclaimed. "That is really sweet, almost like they’re reconnected after years apart," @rhshort80 noted. "Bear is saying 'I know you are scared but everything is going to be ok,'" @cherilinehan wrote. 

Although we think @thehappyketonian really said it best: "That is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen in my life."

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This was just the beginning of their happy ending. These two do everything together, even taking time to dance it out in a second video on their page. 

 So sweet!

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