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Video of Two Cockatoos Playing 'Peek-a-Boo' Is a Total Breath of Fresh Air

When you think of the different kinds of games animals play, your mind most likely thinks of tug-of-war, fetch or keep-away. Yes, those are dog games but that's what we think of because dogs are normally the most playful. But of course, other animals can love games and toys just as much. One animal in particular that we didn't expect to be so playful was the cockatoo. We all know they're vocal creatures. And now thanks to a video from TikTok user @housechickens, we're seeing them in a different, playful light. 

In this TikToker's most recent video, two cockatoos were standing on their owner who was laying on the couch. In between the two birds was a blanket. The owner was holding up the blanket so the birds couldn't see each other. Then all of a sudden, she pulls it down. They were playing the cutest version of 'Peek-a-Boo' and we're obsessed. You have to listen to what they say during the game!  

LOL! This is pure Internet gold! The two of them are having the time of their lives playing such a simple game. It just goes to show how the littlest things in life can make you happy. And the fact they actually said "Peek-a-Boo" is seriously the coolest thing ever! @mamacole83 commented, "I’ve watched this 30 times lol they’re adorable." SAME! It never gets old, even after the 100th time of watching this clip.

"If my friendships don't have this kinda vibe I don't want 'em," said @ClassicHalvo. Exactly! Every friendship needs a splash of fun mixed in and the ability to be yourself, which is clearly shown with these two cockatoos. "I love this!!! They are having so much fun," wrote @Anee Pelletier. How long do you think they played peek-a-boo for? LOL! 

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And then we can't forget to mention the kiss! @TerminallyPerky said, "The birdie french kiss! As if they haven't seen each other in YEARS!" Ha! They were just so excited to find each other during the game that they had to give kisses. Does it get any more adorable than that?!

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