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Moment Deaf Little Boy Meets His 'Hero' Deaf Dog Is Capturing Everyone's Hearts

Cole (@deafcole) is a deaf dog on TikTok, who regularly inspires thousands of people across the internet to never let disabilities define them. Including one little boy who was struggling to get accepted at school because he's hard of hearing. In a brand new video, the boy finally got to meet his hero and seeing the joy on his face is just so perfect. 

According to the footage from Cole's TikTok page, the pup's owner recently received a video that touched their heart. "I want to meet Cole the Deaf Dog," the little boy says in the footage. "Because I'm Deaf with Cole," he added. "I want to introduce Cole the Deaf Dog with more deaf kids," he continued. So of course Cole wanted to leap into action and "do my thing," the video's text overlay states. The pup (and his owners) traveled to surprise the boy and his parents. And the results are too precious for words. 

Success — "instantly the best of friends!" the video's text overlay states.

So many people in the comments section were tearing up after watching the video. "You sir, are an Angel. We all know Cole is but you deserve huge recognition. The world needs more of you (a lot more)," @steph02418 praised. "Such a special gift. He’ll remember this for the rest of his life," @janetfa01 commented. "Omgossh it's too early to have tears in my eyes.. but this was amazing..." @krazziik79 wrote. "Awww how sweet I’ve never thought of that but what a wonderful thing they're the same," @1metalgirl added.

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We can't imagine a more perfect moment for these two. We love their special bond!

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