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Odd 'Secret' About the True Color of Macaws Is Quickly Becoming an Internet Meme

It seems like no matter how much you think about animals, there’s always something new to learn. Like one major truth bomb dropped in a video on TikTok recently, which might completely change everything you know about Hyacinth Macaws. Trust us, prepare to be mind-blown.

The incredible factoid was shared by @parrot_stars, who made the announcement in a video that went viral. “Did you know that Hyacinth Macaws aren’t actually blue?” a voiceover can be heard to say. Say what now?!

“We see blue because of the way the light reflects off of their feathers. Their feathers are actually more of a grayish-black color, but we see blue.” We didn’t want to say we told you so, but come on! This is so cool!

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones absolutely stunned by this new information. And some people were unwilling to believe that their eyes were deceiving them. “I see blue and nothing but blue,” @rachid.nadiri wrote. “He’s blue. I’m literally looking at him,” @Lynyrdsquidward added. And a third commenter was reminded of a painful internet debate from the past: “​​This is like that blue/gold dress all over again,” @barkbox explained.

There was one naysayer who had a totally different take than everyone else. “It's green tho?” @the_true_fish wrote. To which @parrot_stars uploaded a second video of the bird after a shower where it looked…really darn blue. Sorry, commenter! “Showers are a game changer,” they wrote.

We guess this is a real to-may-to/to-mah-to situation. But there’s one thing we can all probably agree on — this bird is definitely not green.