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Mom's Story of Contractor Drywalling Her Cat Into the Wall Is Mind-blowing

TikTok user @ashlinhadden has quite an interesting, and mind-blowing, story for us that we seriously can't believe happened. She recently had a contractor redo her bathroom while she was away on a business trip. It all looked stunning and great until she noticed something missing. 

She kept hearing her cat meowing but had no idea where it was coming from. The meows sounded like they were coming from the redone bathroom. Oh no, the cat can't possibly be behind the bathtub, right? Well, find out for yourself! 

O.M.G. We don't even know where to begin with this because there are just so many questions. @bewitchingbeautybyshell asked, "3 days!!?? How do you not notice your cat isn't around for 3 days??" That's what we want to know! If we don't see our pet the second we get home, we get worried. But who knows, maybe her cat is the adventurous type and roams all over the place. 

We, of course, think this video is so sad. Just imagine the panic she went through. But TikTokers have other feelings and they're arguing in the comments about who is at fault. "As a contractor, I must tell you that YOU are responsible for your pet's safety," said @suttonlea. Maybe this video can be a heads-up to keep your pets in a secure location while workers come to your house. @michelleterrazasc1 added, "Pet peeve. Working on a customer's home and pets are roaming. Not our job to take care of your pets. Have a plan for your pets!"

On the flip side, @Neverminditeoesntmatter, wrote, "Obviously it’s an accident but legally it’s your responsibility to conduct the job safely while respecting the property. You’d lose in court." It's true, accidents do happen! @mrs.noble1 said, "It's the cat's fault." Cats can be pretty sneaky! So, what are your thoughts?


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