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Bangkok's Adorable 'Corgi Cafe' Makes Us Want to Go ASAP

We've all heard of cat cafes before and many of us have probably been to one. We're so in love with these cafes. We could go every single day to play with all the fur babies. But there's a new cafe we're obsessing over that's different from the normal. Thanks to a TikTok video from @e.the.e, we've found the best animal cafe in the world and we'll now be looking into flights to Thailand. 

This TikToker posted a video about her experience at what might arguably be the best cafe in all of Bangkok. Heck, maybe in the whole world! A corgi cafe. Yes, you've read that right! It's not just a dog cafe, but an adorable cafe filled with dog royalty - corgis. We know you're internally freaking out just from reading that, but trust us, it looks even better than it sounds. Forget about the famous beaches or delicious Thai food, you'll be planning your Thailand trip around this cafe as soon as you're done watching this clip! 

O.M.G. This is everything we could ever want in the world! We didn't expect this many corgis in the video either. They're everywhere! We'd probably spend at least 6 hours there playing with every single puppo. Or we'd do what @saskia_so94 said, "I wouldn't go home anymore." LOL! How could anyone go home after visiting this slice of heaven on earth?!

"Say less 🏃🏼‍♀️," wrote @jaydam93. Heck, all she had to say was corgi cafe and we'd be running. But because it's quite a long flight, we're happy to enjoy this video in the meantime! "Brb booking my flight to Bangkok," said @Stanislava Katsarova. Specifically, a one-way flight! 

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Another TikTok user, @laughlovelola, asked, "Would you like a side of fur with that coffee? 😂." LOL! There's so much fluffiness going on in that cafe, you're bound to get a little in your coffee. Ha! So worth it though!

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