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Corgi's Professional Christmas Card Photos Just Won the Internet

As Christmas approaches, people will start to receive a deluge of Christmas cards from extended family and friends with holiday themed pictures of their children on them. For those of us without kids, this dog mom is showing us the perfect way to remain involved in the tradition.

TikTok user @duncanwiththegoodtail recently shared a video of her Corgi named Duncan. In the video, Duncan is having a photoshoot with a professional photographer to be used on the front of his mom's Christmas cards this season. Who wouldn't want to get one of these in the mail? Check out the video to see how fantastic these photos turned out!

OMG, Duncan looks very handsome in these photos. These are going to look amazing on the front of the Christmas cards! We love the goofy outtakes as well. All dogs have a little derp in them, and it's important to let all parts of your personality shine through!

People in the comments thought this was too cute. @__just...christina__ said, "Aww, too freaking adorable!" and @mallory.lizana commented, "Duncan is so handsome!" This is one good looking pup, and he knows it, too!

Others thought the goofy photos were too funny. @prokia808era commented, 'Pup said, "Bah Humbug!"' and @potato_bug said, "The amount of judgment in that side eye is worth every penny!" Duncan seemed to be feeling a little bit judgmental that day!

Duncan is the perfect subject to photograph! He's very handsome, he knows his angles, and he knows how to be goofy and serious. Someone get Duncan a modeling contract ASAP!

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