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Dad's Reaction to the Damage His Corgi Did While He Was Out Is the Best

It's always a risk to leave your dogs unattended. Pretty much anything could happen, and it's a lesson that one man learned the hard way after he walked into the kitchen and saw that his Corgi Crouton had been busy while he was out of the house. 

"Oh no, Crouton!" that's exactly the reaction the man had when he saw the damage that he pup had done. The footage was shared by the Charlotte Corgi Club (@charlottecorgiclub) and when you see the footage, you'll understand why. The video starts off on a high note. Crouton's owner was walking through his house, singing a little song he made up for his doggy BFF. But then he turned the corner ...and welp, it was pretty bad.

Crouton had (somehow) ripped apart the floor. The floor! How in the world he did this, we'll never know. But it's clear that his owner was stunned. "Crouton! What is that??" he can be heard saying. 

With over 5 million views, people in the comments section were stunned. “'What is that??' — expensive," @thegirlthatcantburp joked. "My jaw dropped when I realized that was the FLOOR and not paper shredded up," @amberdover3 added. "No jury in the world would convict. Crouton's innocent," @boomboxdictionary argued. "The most disappointed line reading of the word 'crouton' in all of recorded history," @sssemester joked. 

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Later in the thread, the TikTok creator shared that the incident happened four years ago "when we lived in an apartment."

But now Crouton has plenty of space and is less likely to destroy things. "Crouton has a huge backyard (and a sister). He is very active and gets more steps than you," they joked. 

We're sure that's good news for the furniture.

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