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Corgi's Reaction to Seeing Her Dad After Being Apart for 10 Minutes Is Too Cute

There's no doubt that dogs can be the best welcoming committees you'll find, but does it make a difference how long you've been gone? For Maxine the Corgi--who entertains nearly 4 million followers on her TikTok account,--@madmax_fluffyroad--a grand welcome is deserved whether you've been gone for months or minutes. 

In this case, it had barely been 10 minutes since she'd seen her dad. Still, we would've had no clue it was an everyday greeting if Maxine's account hadn't said so! With her intense gaze and contagious excitement, we would've thought she hadn't seen her dad in so long! 

What a reunion! We'd feel honored AF if we were Maxine's dad, because who wouldn't want a greeting like that? Her TikTok followers sure do!

"AWWW," gushed @serotoninplz. "She loves you so much 🥰." There's no doubt about that! If this one moment is any indiction of her personality as a whole, then Maxine is one sweet, floofy girl. By the looks of it--she's a daddy's girl, too! "In fairness," said @megsoftiktok, "he looks just as excited to see her 😂." Well, duh, that's his baby! Besides, it would be hard not to react so happily with a big bundle of cuteness bounding your way.

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We got a major laugh from @shawndjoiner's comment, too. He said, "corgi butts drive me nuts," and we need that on a T-shirt ASAP. Maxine can be on it, too! 

If she can stay still long enough to pose for some pictures, that is. It seems like Maxine is on her own scheudle! "Feels like she barked 'let go,' @zelda.2380 said. "Soo cute," Isn't it? Little Miss Impatient couldn't wait another moment to see her dad, and it's just so, so sweet. No wonder this cutie pie is going viral!

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