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Corgi Shows Up at the Door With ‘Surprise’ for Mom and Her Reaction Is the Best

Video of a Corgi giving his owner an *ahem* unusual present has people in stitches online. Poor Megan Star (@stitchslappedsocial) wasn't expecting the gift her dog Pickles brought home, but now footage of Star trying to avoid her pup outright has thousands of people cracking up online. 

The TikTok creator shared the footage in honor of International Corgi Day — and honestly, this is so on brand for the breed. As Star's footage shows, Pickles showed up at the door with something special in his mouth. But she was less than pleased. "No! What is that? Back it up!" she can be heard saying behind the camera. Star then closes the door on her dog, which might seem harsh until you realize what was in her dog's mouth. 

"Back it up, Pickles. You gotta frickin' mouse in your mouth," she said. "No! You drop that now," she added. Unfortunately, the video doesn't stop there. Star then cut to footage of Pickles trying to give her the mouse while they both were outside — and it went just as well as you could imagine. 

With over 2 million views, people were obsessed. "Legends say Pickles still has the mouse in their mouth," @boldsamwich quipped. "Pickles is not the goodest boy," @amandanemeth6 added. "For God's sake Pickles drop it!!" @tonimansfield1616 joked. "He clearly does not know drop it," @effing_awesome wrote.

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Although one commenter really said it best: "That poor mouse was really in a pickle.." @samsonish teased. 

That's the thing about dogs. They're always surprising you with presents. But maybe time Pickles should try a gift card.

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