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Video of Corgi Trying to 'Herd' the Roomba Is Absolutely Priceless

For those of you that might not know, Roomba is a robot vacuum that will automatically clean your floors. It will go around the whole house without you having to tell it where to go. But sometimes, animals like to get in the way of the Roomba.

Ok, so maybe this Corgi wasn't really getting in the way of the Roomba, but rather he was using his herding skills which Corgis are known for. Watch as TikTok doggo @duncanwiththegoodtail manages the situation with the Roomba. It's absolutely priceless! 

LOL! Duncan knew what he had to do to keep the house clean. He was the manager in charge and wanted to make sure the job was done correctly. We'd say he's the best manager this house has ever seen! "He is doing a fantastic job. Deserves an immediate pay raise," said @AjaxAlmighty. YES! Who do we need to speak with to make sure he gets extra treats in his pay raise?

"He looks so proud of himself," wrote @lizlielemknope. Aww, he totally does! He has much to be proud of too. That's not easy work. LOL! The proud face also shows us that he loves his job. So cute! 

Or maybe he doesn't think of it as a job, but rather a toy to play with. @ohayo_emily commented, "It's called enrichment." Ha! The Roomba is definitely one way to keep your pets active. Hopefully, other pets will be gentle with the Roomba like this good boy!


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