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Corgi Shows What it's Like Living With Two Newfoundlands in Hilarious Video

Anyone who grew up with siblings knows just how chaotic it can be, but did you know the same can be said for fur siblings, too? The canine trio behind @mybrownnewfies is the perfect example--not only are they energetic AF and cute as can be; there's a size difference between them two. Finn is a lot smaller than his Newfoundland brothers, and it only adds to the hilarity!

How a corgi became part of a Newfoundland family we have no idea, but we absolutely adore their relationship. They're playmates, rivals, and, most importantly, best friends--just as siblings should be!

LOL! Little Finn definitely has to adjust to things being a bit larger than he is, but he doesn't seem to mind too much. He's still out there playing with his fur brothers, Odin and Lou. 

"Awww poor finn! 😂," wrote commenter @obithedobey. "I bet there are advantages too, right?? like personal body guard?" Ha! Finn definitely won't be dealing with any bullies in the dog park with his brothers around. Then again, Bear and Odin can sometimes be the bullies themselves with their huge size difference. 

"Finn protects the Newfies 😂," the dogs' mama, Jenn, replied. LMAO! The cardigan Welsh corgi does have some wild confidence in him. Just like @laurenmichigan said, "I love the big and little dog combos. Corgis definitely fit right in bc of their attitude though!" Now we can't help but wonder if Finn thinks he's a Newfoundland, too! 

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