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Video of Corgi Searching the Water for Dolphins Couldn't Be More Precious

Lucy is one fortunate dog. Not only does she have the sweetest little face, but she lives near dolphins. We're so jealous! Some days she gets lucky and has a dolphin sighting — while other days, not so much. Video of the Corgi checking the water for her dolphin friends is blowing up on the internet. And it's definitely the cutest thing you'll see today. 

Lucy is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who apparently lives close enough to dolphins that she can casually go for a visit. As a video on her TikTok page @lucycorgipuppy shows, the pup was really hoping to see her fishy friends one day.  "Are you there dolphins? It's me Lucy," the video's onscreen text overlay reads. The footage shows Lucy searching the water for the dolphins. So cute!

Sadly, there were no dolphins around that day. "A cloudy day and not a bottle nosed buddy in sight!" the video's caption reads. 

People have watched the video over 360,000 times and were positively swooning. "She is freaking cute and just melts me, animals know the fun and love of another animal," @kaijaw0 wrote in the comments section. "Awwwwwww misses her friends," @frompcolafl2 added. "Soooo sad for Lucy. She never gave up looking...LOVE CORGIS!!!" @marthabailey119 chimed in. "Seeing this lovely video makes me feel hopeful and like every things gonna be ok," @susanglisson5 commented. 

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Later in the thread, Lucy's owner shared that she goes out to look for the dolphins every day. And another video on Lucy's page showed what happened when she had much better luck. 

"Wild Dolphin in the back, sneaking around and nibbling on toes! Lucy is terrified of anything that disappears into the the water!" her owner wrote. 

No wonder she's always on alert.

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