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Corgi Puppy’s Unexpected Reaction to the Vet Couldn’t Be Any Sweeter

More often than not, animals are scared to go to the vet. It takes all of our might to drag them out of the car and bring them inside. The sneaky pets will try to escape from the lobby. If only they could understand the vet is there to help them! Or if only they could see how happy this one puppy is while he’s at the vet, it would make everyone’s job a lot easier. 

TikTok doggo @jaxcorgi is an expert vet-goer. He isn’t afraid like most pets. Ok, so maybe Jax the Corgi isn't necessarily an expert, he's just a snuggly boy that is looking for more pets. In a recent TikTok clip, Jax is up on the exam table. The vet is looking at her clipboard, trying to write down notes, but Jax is making her job a little difficult. But he's doing it in the most adorable way possible! He makes us want to be a vet! 

So.many.snuggles!! If only all pets could be this lovable when it’s time for a checkup. People can’t get enough of this sweet guy.

@Kayden called Jax a snuggle bug. And he is absolutely right! Jax is the biggest snuggle bug we’ve ever seen. He wouldn’t let the vet do her job. Ha! She had to put down her clipboard and focus her attention on loving him. Ugh, so cute! And when she picked him up, he couldn’t contain his excitement. We bet Jax asks for snuggles everywhere he goes.

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TikTok user @Jackie Kober wrote, "He's like, 'I not make it hard I make it perfect with hugs,' 😂." Yeah, when has hugs ever made a job difficult?! Another commenter, @Mike, added, "Looks like the very best type of distraction to me 😁." We'd take that type of distraction any time of the day. "Sorry boss, we got snuggle duty for an hour." That would work, right? LOL! 

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