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Corgi's Precious Reaction to Meeting a Herd of Cows Is Just the Sweetest

You can take the dog from the herd, but you can never take the herding from the dog. Just look at sweet little Hudson! This floofy corgi boy is showing off his herding skills for his mama while out on a walk, and TikTok just can't get enough. 

@Hudsonthefluffyco knew precisely what to do when he met the cows for the first time, but we're just glad his mom was able to record the precious moment. This dude really got worked up! The cows didn't feel moved by his barks or growls, but we don't have to tell Hudson that. As far as he knows, he did a great job! 

Good boy, Hudson-- you really told 'em! What exactly you told them we have no clue, but the cows seemed equally as curious about the little creature as he was about them. Even the commenters noticed! 

“'Listen up you heifers!'" said @boostedbeaner. "'I have arrived!!' 😅." That pretty much seemed like the entrance Hudson was trying to make, if we're being perfectly honest. He's definitely a showstopper with that floofy booty of his, but the sweetness by no means stops there. 

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"He has no business being that cute with that little hop," @riceandweird wrote. We couldn't agree more! The ways his body bounces every time he barks is impossible to resist. You can tell he's giving his all to every bark he can muster! "That low slow growl!!! 🥰" is a favorite of viewers like @hoodie_queen17 too,  and it really does give the video that extra je ne sais quois. 

All in all, we just adore "Hudson trying to show his herding skills for mom 😁." @Dleevo loved it, too, but we're sure they're not the only one. This video does have almost 40 thousand views, after all!  

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