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Video of Corgi Patiently Waiting for the Neighbor Kids to Notice Her Is Just Too Cute

We remember the joys of walking around out neighborhood and petting all the dogs that were hanging out in their front yards. One woman posted a video of her corgi waiting for that same attention from their neighborhood kids, and we are thrilled to see the tradition carries on.

TikTok user @kennathecorgi recently posted a video of one of their corgis, Auri, patiently waiting by a hole in their fence for the neighborhood kids to notice her. The text on the video says that this pup waits for them every day, which we think is so sweet. Check out the video to see Auri's and the kid's reaction in their daily meeting.

Aww, this is too cute! The way Auri's tail starts wagging when the kid says her name and she realizes her friends are there is so sweet. It's amazing how the kid's mom encouraged her to reach through the slats in the fence to pet Auri.

People in the comments of this video cannot get enough of Auri and her little friend. @blackraven1346 said, "Thank you for sharing this with us! It was a pleasure to watch it 276 times in a row," and @strugglemagic commented, "I’d die if I saw this. Both the kid excited to see the pup and the pup’s excitement are adorable"

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Others wanted Auri's parents to make it easier for her to play with the young neighbor. @shaunasappier commented, "You guys should cut a hole in the fence so the kiddo can pet Auri all the time, just an idea!" Another user, @turnback64, said, "They need a play date please," to which Auri's mom replied, "She gets passed over the fence to play from time to time." Too funny! Puppy play dates are the best, that little girl is so lucky!

With Auri and this little kid being such good friends, we must request a video of their next playdate for even more cuteness!

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