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Corgi's Funny Way of Trying to Get Work-at-Home Dad to Play Is Totally Precious

Working from home has its pluses and its minuses. But if you've ever tried getting things done with a dog in the house, you'll know that it's darn near impossible. Take it from one man online, who was so over the way that his Corgi tried to get his attention during his work day that he decided to get it all on camera. Watch the video and decide for yourself if you're on Dash's side or his owner's.

The TikToker, @dash_and_furrious, must've been real tired of his pup trying to get him to play fetch because he didn't even flinch once during the adorable video. The footage shows Dash desperately trying to make his papa look. So much so that he starts to play the game all by himself. We hope his owner didn't have Zoom meetings — because surely Dash was a huge interruption. Take a look!

"Work from home they said. It will be fun they said," the caption states. 

People in the comments section could feel the owner's pain. "I'm glad it’s not just my Corgi that has a high play drive," @okopelli wrote. "Imagine being on a Zoom call and you randomly see him getting hit with a ball every 5 'sir, you ok?'" @lxlitahorror kidded. "Did I watch this at least four times? yes. Did I laugh every time? Also yes," @yzzybeaux admitted. "Huum, I feel like it’s trying to tell you something, but I have no idea what could it be," @anssoleil joked. 

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By the looks of the rest of Dash's page, he really is living the good life. He just needs to learn to entertain himself while dad is working.

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