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Video of Corgis Doing a Horse-Style Race Has Everyone Cheering

The Kentucky Derby has been a racing classic in the sports world since it began in 1875. But don't you think it's time for another race to come barreling through our homes? Before you answer no, you'll want to watch this race that @ESPN posted on TikTok. The video has over 5.1 million views and 496.4K likes within the past day. There's no way the Kentucky Derby can keep up with this!  

We'd like to formally introduce the very electric, fun and entertaining Corgi race! The video ESPN posted comes from the Corgi Nationals in Southern California, which took place in Santa Anita Park on May 29. And wow what a race it was! We wish the race was closer, but there was clearly one Corgi that outran the rest. Although, it looked like they all had super speed! Who knew their little legs could go so fast?! 

That's it, we found our new favorite sport! This is by far better than any other horse race we've seen! They were so poised and ready to rumble while waiting at the gates. And as soon as the gates were lifted, they were off! We don't think even the camera person knew how fast these little doggos are because they couldn't keep up! LOL! 

People are racing to the comments with their observations on each runner. And it's made us go back to watch it several times over! @Alex pointed out, "#1 was not there to make friends." OMG. If you go back, you can see racer #1 was committed to keeping the competition back. @Ryan L. said, "1 and 3 had beef." They were more focused on fighting each other than the race! Out of left field came runner #10. So fast that "the camera couldn't keep up with purple," wrote @Gavin. LOL! We seriously didn't even see #10 coming. As @Jackson100708 put it, "10 popped off." #10 left the others in the dust! 

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We seriously could watch corgi races forever. "This is the type of racing I didn't know I needed," wrote @kristen h. But now that we know about it, we can't go on without watching this every year. Sorry Kentucky Derby, this is the new classic!

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