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Corgi Steals the Show During Seattle Seahawks Game and We're Obsessed

The official TikTok account for NBC Sports, @nbcsports, shared a snippet of what might be the greatest halftime performance we've ever seen. And no, it's not a famous artist. Save that for the Super Bowl. We promise you that this is way better. 

The Seattle Seahawks decided to host a Corgi race during halftime and let's just say it did not disappoint. This clip zooms in on one Corgi in particular. You see him running full steam ahead, but it's what this Corgi does after crossing into the endzone that made us giggle.  

LMAO! Why can't every halftime show have this? Actually, forget about the game all together. We'd rather watch this the whole time! This is our formal petition to have a Corgi league. Think of how many fans would tune in to watch!

Even the official TikTok account for U.S. Track and Field, @USATF, noticed this doggo's quick feet. The comment reads, "That's some serious speed 😤." No one could keep up! "Breakin anklets left & right 😮‍💨," added @jasmine marine. 

"Living his best life. Get that pup a jersey!" commented @michellespringermom. He'd look so cute in a jersey. But we actually have a better idea. Get this pup a contract! He's clearly got the speed to make it on the team. LOL! "This year's rookie RBs are looking CUTE," said @ProlificPooper. He's quickly run into everyone's hearts. This is America's player! 


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