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Video of Corgi's Racing at Cannon Beach Is the Ultimate Timeline Cleanse

Forget whatever you knew about the racing world. Whether that's racecars, track runners or horses. None of those races has anything on this race we discovered from Cannon Beach in Oregon. This irresistibly adorable race puts all the other ones to shame. And we’re already planning a trip there for the next race!

Of all the races with furry friends running, this one is by far the best. And the most adorable! Hundreds of people come to this race because well, corgis. Need we say more? And this video TikTok doggo @odierunstheworld of the race is everything we’ve ever needed and more. Any bets on who the corgi winner will be? 

Are you serious!? We must be really late to the party because we didn’t know this was a thing! But of course, now that we do, we’ll be making it a tradition to go every year. It doesn’t even matter if you have a corgi or not, anyone can go! We, unfortunately, don’t know who the winner is from this video. So we’ll be patiently waiting for an update. And several replays so we can relive the race again and again!

”Potato race 😍 🥔,” said @Cassy Bergeron. LOL! Those weren’t floofy dogs running down the beach, it actually was potatoes! Or actually, it looked more like bread loaves running. Ha! It doesn’t matter what they look like, we could watch these fluff monsters all. day. long.

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So what’s better than watching the race? Obviously guessing who will win, just like you’d do at a horse race! But we also like to play another game that involves picking out what dog we’re most similar to. @astrid_uk wrote, “The one that got lost at the start is my spirit animal.” LOL! We’re honestly impressed how most of the corgis stayed on track. We would’ve gone straight to the water if we were in their paws! 

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