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Ring Camera Keeps Detecting Corgi As a Package on the Front Stoop

There are several dog breeds that are lovingly referred to as "loafs" because when these pups lay down, the bear a striking resemblance to a loaf of bread. One of these dogs was doing their best loaf impression on the front porch, causing their Ring Camera to make a funny detection.

TikTok user @hudsonthefluffyco recently shared a video of her Corgi, Hudson, who loves to lay on their front porch. In the video, Hudson's mom says that when he does this, their Ring Camera sends her a notification that there is a package by the front door! Check out the video to see for yourself how much Hudson resembles a delivery package.

LOL, this is too funny! We can totally see why the Ring Camera may have assumed Hudson was a package when he showed up on the screen. He was shaped like a perfect rectangle!

People in the comments joked about what kind of package Hudson might be. @lylica_2612 said that he is "a package loaded with cuteness," and @jeezlouisexo commented, "He’s a gift from heaven!" Hudson is the total package: cute, fluffy, and chill!

Others pointed out that the Ring Camera wasn't wrong in its observation! @lokishadownerd commented, "Someone left a loaf of bread on your porch," and @melissao__o said, "In a way, it's not wrong." If we could receive a package that looked like Hudson, we would order one every day!

We think this Ring Camera mix-up is just too good. While Hudson is not necessarily a package, he certainly is a loaf, and those two are very similar! We expect more funny mix-ups like this in the future.

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