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Corgi's Precious Reaction to Her Sister Coming Home From College Makes Us So Happy

It's always so unfortunate that our pets don't necessarily understand why their humans leave them. We might leave them for vacation, a work trip or even to go to college. We only wish they knew how much it broke us to say goodbye for a short while.  

But all the hard goodbyes make the reunions so much sweeter. That's what happened with this family. TikTok user @threecrazycorgis has two human siblings that are in college and they actually came home a day earlier than expected. The sweet Corgis had no idea and well, the surprise is just too good.  

Aww! Sweet Buttercup probably thought she was dreaming when she saw her human siblings. She was so, SO excited. That is a surprise that's worth waking up for! 

"Precious! Nothing better than coming home from college and getting a greeting from your dogs," commented @ashleemarietines. After a long, hard day at work seeing your dog is the best feeling. So imagine how nice it is to see them after a few weeks or months! 

@mvricole added, "So sweet. I remember coming home to my childhood dog. I cried every time I would leave her behind." We cry leaving our fur babies when all we have to do is run to the store. LOL! We're so glad that the kids were able to be safe at home during the hurricane and get what we imagine much-needed puppy snuggles.  


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