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Corgi's Hilarious Attempt to Get German Shepherd to Play Has Us in Stitches

There's plenty of evidence that proves to us that doggy siblings aren't too different from humans after all. In every family, there is always one sibling who is energetic and wants to play constantly. Then there's the more relaxed sibling who would rather enjoy their time in peace. And we see that perfectly modeled in this video from TikTok user @duckgoosepig

This hilarious clip between a German Shepherd and corgi is exactly what we see in our human families. In this case, it's the corgi who is the instigator and energetic pup. He was right up in his dog sibling's business, wanting to play but the German Shepherd just wanted to be alone. That didn't stop the corgi. He was going to do whatever it took to get his sibling to play!

LOL! This corgi could've continued his little tappy-toes dance moves to get the German Shepherd to play. Although, the corgi probably thought it was a game within itself like, 'I wonder how long it will take this time to get him to play." Ha! And doesn't the German Shepherd know by now the faster he gets up to play, the less bothersome the corgi will be?! Or at least find a secret hiding spot to get some R&R?

"Corgi's all, 'You want this loaf? You can't HAVE THIS LOAF!' 🤣," commented @Rob Gomez. Ha! The corgi was totally egging on the other dog, getting as close as possible to his doggy sibling. Even when the corgi accidentally stepped out of the arms of the German Shepherd, he hopped right back in. LOL! It's what we like to call, "The little dance for attention," which is what @sandysee29 said. Dance for attention and dance to get his sibling up and playing! 

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But the best comment comes from @Unclefav who asked, "Is that Kevin Hart trying to fight Dwayne the Rock Jonhson?" LMAO! He's comparing the little corgi to Kevin Hart and the big German Shepherd to The Rock. It's perfect and spot on! 

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