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Corgi's Reaction to Not Getting Mom's Full Attention Makes Us LOL

Dogs make the best companions, but they're also pretty demanding too. One thing they constantly need? Attention. Yep, forget ever going to the bathroom alone or trying to watch TV without a companion. Dogs are so needy! Just take one Corgi on TikTok, who was giving his owner some series attitude when they weren't giving him their focus.

The hilarious video was shared by TikTok creator @rouandhoneysmom, who was most likely cracking up after seeing Rumor get all huffy. The video shows the TikToker trying to work — but nope, not while her pup is around. The noises that Rumor makes to get his owner to look over are everything. But you're going to have to watch the video for yourself to get the full picture. 

It's too funny! And judging by the TikToker's reaction this seems to be a normal thing in their house. "Acceptable time without full attention: exceeded," they wrote in the video's caption. 

People in the comments section were cracking up. "The polite grievance," @durabodurabo joked. "30 second warning before barking begins," @pchapman58 teased. "So we are all just out here with the same Corgi model with the same built in goblin noises?" @evillittlecorgi quipped. "Our Corgi does this as well. We call them his 'Corgi honks' or we will say 'he’s honking at me,'" @brolythepemwelshcorgi wrote. 

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Hilariously, this wasn't the first time that Rumor was feeling testy with her owner. Elsewhere on her page, the TikTok creator shared another video of what happens when Rumor doesn't get attention. 

 "Constant attention-seeking energy," the owner wrote in the caption, before jokingly adding a red flag emoji. 

But hey, at least she's cute!

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