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Corgis Tenderly Watch Over a Tiny Kitten in Video That’s Melting Hearts

Taking care of one pet is challenging enough, but taking care of multiple animals? It’s no easy feat, especially when you have different species living in your house! Hats off to those who can take on extra animals. You’re a special breed! That’s especially true for a mom of two Corgis who decided to take on an extra challenge.  

TikTok user @weslyandbrady found an abandoned kitten under a car on the way to the park. She said she couldn’t leave the poor little thing, so she decided to bring her home and run to PetSmart to get kitten formula and an infant bottle. It would seem like a stressful situation with two other dogs in the house. But the Corgis took on a big brother role with ease, looking after the new kitten. What they do to protect her will absolutely melt your heart! 

OMG! They’re the most protective brothers we’ve ever seen! Wesly continuously watches over the kitten Ruby. He never wanted to leave her side, and he would stand there next to her box, looking at her so lovingly! He’s just making sure she’s getting stronger and adjusting to her new home. 

“I love how much he is aware of her, he is so protective 💕,” wrote @Erika Valencia. Best big brother ever! “So precious, she’s got the best cutest bodyguards ever!” added @All_nightowl. She’ll have protection for the rest of her kitty life.

Another commenter said, “Pup says, ‘I got this momma. I shall watch and love her.’” The mom didn’t even ask for help. He wanted to do it! As @Marc Manalo said, time to change the TikTok name to @weslyandbradyandruby. 

And for those wondering how the kitten is doing, the mom wrote in the caption, “Ruby is doing great and is getting stronger. ❤️ She is taking the bottle well.” That’s the best news ever! She also noted that they will continue to take care of Ruby until she is bigger and stronger to go to a new loving home. Until then, her Corgi brothers will take good care of her!