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Corgi Boldly Demands to Wear 'His Scarf' Every Day in Hilarious Video

As much as we love to buy our pets clothing and dress them up in hats, they don't typically enjoy it. We do it because for starters, it's adorable! But also, many people just do it for the 'gram. Thankfully our pets let us do it to them because well, they love us. Or maybe they do secretly love it...

TikTok user @beccabunn said she made the mistake of putting her scarf around her corgi one time and ever since then, her doggo has demanded to wear it. LOL! In her recent TikTok clip, she filmed what her corgi does to ask for the scarf that's hanging up on the coatrack and it's everything. If we were her, we'd just let him have it because clearly, he thinks that scarf is his! 

Aww, this is amazing! He kept staring at the scarf, probably wondering why it was hanging on the coat rack and not with his belongings. Then he starts barking to get it down because as we've said before, that's HIS scarf! But maybe one scarf isn't enough. We agree with @allday.cake's comment that said, "That handsome boy needs his own extensive scarf collection stat!" He needs to start his own line too! 

@decorativegargoyle added, "Dog: I just like it, I can’t explain why, but it feels like… ✨ me ✨." We can't explain it either, but when you feel confident in something, you just want to wear it all the time! "I can see why he needs it. He is very handsome indeed in his scarf and clearly he knows it," said @Lovebullterriers. The most handsome boy we ever did see! 

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And can we talk about his face when he finally got the scarf on? It's like it was made for his neck and he knew it! @macmaiden commented, "I love how he's modeling it😍😍😍😍." So not only does he need his own line, he can be the model of it too! 

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