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Corgis' Unimpressed Reaction to Holiday Lights Is Too Funny

These hilarious Corgis posted by @TikTok user @Hammyandolivia shows us that either these dogs don't care too much about holiday light displays, or they are just very well behaved. 

On one hand, they sure do seem happy in their festive holiday headgear, on the other, they look a bit bored by all of this yuletide cheer. Just watch the following funny video and see what you think! 

Oh we love them! @Anya votes for team bored, and types, "They’re like: Bro I see this every Christmas give me food or something then I’ll be impressed!" LOL. @Inspiredwoman casts her vote for her own impressed feeling, and adds "They may not be impressed, but I am impressed with their outfits, and I think they are speechless." @Sbee thinks age may have something to do with it, and comments "This seems like typical teen reactions?" 

Aww, well, we think Santa will think these adorable Corgis have been very good this year regardless of how they feel about Christmas lights. We vote they get all the presents on their list! 

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