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Video of Queen Elizabeth's Beloved Corgis Paying Their Last Respects Is Just Heartbreaking

Monday's funeral for the late-Queen Elizabeth II brought in hundreds of thousands of people from around the world to Westminster Abbey. People were lining the streets outside the funeral and along the precession route with the hopes of seeing the longest-reigning monarch one last time. And as her casket was brought to Windsor Castle, two familiar, fluffy faces waited outside. 

The Queen was known for always having dogs by her side throughout her reign. And in her final day before getting laid to rest, it was only right to have her last two Corgis again by her side. Watch her two dogs, Sandy and Muick, as they wait outside the castle in a TikTok video from the Today Show, @todayshow. But be prepared because this video will break your heart into a million pieces. 

Aww, our hearts have shattered. As sad as this is, we're so glad her two beloved corgis were able to join and see her one last time. It's only fitting considering dogs have been by her side her whole life. There's no doubt in our minds that the Queen would've loved that they were. 

"This is so sad because they have no idea what happened to their owner," wrote @dogmom.4ever. Ugh, our hearts are breaking even more! We can't imagine how sad and confused these poor puppos are. @jdc20181 added, "That is so sad but so wonderful they brought them. They do have feelings and you can tell- she treated them just as her kin, as family." She really did love her dogs with all her heart. And so bringing them to the funeral was very fitting. Hopefully, Sandy and Muick got some closure. 

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We know many of you are curious about what will happen to these two fur babies. Turns out they will move in with Prince Andrew, the Queen's third child, to Windsor. We just know they'll be looked after with all the love in the world. 

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