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Corgi's Futile Attempt to Get the Cat to Give Up the Dog Bed Is Cracking People Up

TikTok user @mommyfarmer just shared a hilarious clip of her Corgi named Scout trying to get the cat out of her bed. "Everyone wants the same thing," she says in the video. "You're just like kids, aren't you, aren't you?" It doesn't matter how many beds are hanging around the house, she said they only want the same one, which sounds eerily similar to human children. Everyone wants to play with the same toy even though there are hundreds to pick from! 

Something tells us this isn't the first time there was a battle of the bed between Scout and Boyd the cat. Is every time this adorable though?! The way Scout tries to convince Boyd is something you won't expect, and you won't be able to stop watching! Anyone taking bets on this Boyd vs Scout match-up? 

Now, that's one adorable plea for the bed! And so many kisses! We're surprised Boyd didn't get so annoyed from being smothered in all that love. "Lol 😂 Brave puppy & such a patient kitty!!!😳," wrote @vanessarydquistbastian. Patient? More like Boyd is set in his cat ways, ha! Another user said, "This is why I love cats so much! They know exactly what they’re doing! 😂." 

@Stay_see_that's_me commented, "Boyd is not moving no matter how many kisses he gets 😂." And mom responded, saying, "He's had a rough day doing whatever he wants & eating everyone's food 😂." That's no surprise to us. Sounds like a typical day for a cat! 

"I strive to be as unbothered as Boyd," said @The Pink Queen👸🏾. Don't we all?! Well, we hate to break it to the Corgis, but Boyd officially won. He outlasted the kisses and now that is his bed. Scout needs to bring new tactics to the next match-up!