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Man's Resourceful Way of Feeding and Entertaining Chickens Is the Best

As an owner of any animal--whether a dog, cat, or even chicken--it's important to provide them with enough enrichment and entertainment to keep them stimulated. After all, you'd want the same for yourself, right? That's exactly why gardener and TikTok user Kevin showed his followers his newest technique for keeping his free-range chickens occupied. 

All you need is an ear of corn, a screw, and some string to get started. Kevin shared the super easy and resourceful process on his account, @epicgardening, and we think it's simply genius! 

How cool is this?! We can't get enough of the curious little birds and their quick-thinking dad. He's right to call them 'the ultimate recyclers' in the video's description! Even for chicken owners who don't grow corn, though, this could be a cheap and easy purchase that goes a long way.

"Haha. I did the same thing and fed my corn that didn’t turn out well to my chickens," shared commenter @jonathanwilson248. "They loved it!" We adore watching animals enjoy the little things in life, so a little enrichment gift like this could be great for everyone. Even the corn! Instead of going to waste, the less attractive pieces can go right to the birds.

Viewer @hanzeit recommended, "do[ing] that with a head of iceberg lettuce, they love it." Who knew? It certainly makes it easier to provide treats and enrichment when animals aren't picky eaters, but even if they were, owners would find their way around it. The things we do for our furry and feathered friends!

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