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Video of New Rescue Seal Pup at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary Has Us Obsessed

Animals are oh-so-adorable, but when it comes to baby animals, they're on a cuteness level that's all their own--at least we think so! We have a feeling that the @cornishsealsanctuary will be quick to agree, especially after welcoming their newest rescue seal pup. Her name is Chilli, but her video is hot.

She already has nearly 40 thousand fans cheering her on through TikTok, but we think she deserves so many more. She's a little star in the making if you ask us!

We love you, Chilli! We're so glad you found your way to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary where you will be cared for and adored (very, very adored). In fact, the love has already started pouring in! 

"What a beautiful baby. ❤," wrote @kmkstar. Isn't she? With those huge eyes and furry coat, there isn't anything she couldn't get--it's the power of cuteness! Even @cornishsealsanctuary had to agree: "She’s very beautiful 🥰."

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Commenter @d1n0saurs.g0.rawr asked when the seal pup first entered their care, and it hasn't been long at all! The sanctuary replied," she was rescued on the 8th September 🥰." Not that we're experts, but Chilli seems like she's doing great considering how new everything is for her. 

"Will [s]he be rehabbed back into the wild?" asked @maples2345. 

"She will," answered the sanctuary. "The rehab process usually takes about 2 months before they are released back into the wild 🥰." That's 2 whole months of cuteness we'll get to watch through their account! Let's make that time last, people.

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