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Dog's Reaction to Owner's Spooky Halloween Costume Is Downright Priceless

With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to prepare the decorations and costumes. You don't want to wait until the last minute to see if your costume fits. More importantly, you want to make sure it has the scare factor. 

And what better way to test it than recruit your pets? That's what TikTok user @rontendo64 did and the result is simply amazing. Just be ready because this might scare you as well! 

LOL! We can see why this clip has over 4.3 million views. It's absolutely perfect! Although, we do feel bad for the poor pup because that was pretty scary. But the creator did write in the comments that the dog was aware he was dressed up. He said, "She knew it was me but wasn’t 100% sure. I’m lucky she didn’t take a taste test to know for sure lol." Omg, could you imagine?! 

"Frozen between fight or flight 😅," commented @emmiloren. She was totally conflicted on what to do! But we have to agree with @jkushw's comment who said what the dog was thinking, "Ya, have fun with that mom ✌️." LOL! She wasn't having it. But hey, at least she let out a few barks trying to defend the house. Better than we would've done!

@gzillargrl84 wrote, "Lol that kinda startled me when I first saw it 😂." Oh, you definitely aren't the only one! We'd be lying if we said we didn't jump back when the door opened. LOL! Now, let's get this good girl some yummy Hallo-treats! 


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