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Video Showing 4 Adopted 'Pandemic Senior Dogs' Serves As an Important Reminder

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has been emotionally and physically draining, there have been some positive moments to come of it. Take, for example, the 23 million American households who welcomed a pet into their lives during this time. According to the ASPCA, the vast majority of these animals are still in loving homes as things return to "normal," though shelters still remain crowded.

Of the dogs and cats who are still waiting for fur-ever homes, many are adults and seniors. These older animals are often overlooked in favor of their younger counterparts, but pet parents like @nomoredogs are here to change that. For starters, just look at the sweet senior babies they adopted during the pandemic!

Aren't these doggos just the cutest? We want to give them all a cuddle! Needless to say, all of this video's viewers feel the same way, and the comments section is one giant love fest for the pups.

"I did this too and it was the best choice I've ever made" @horriblexdecision shared. "My lil ol lady baby 💜 she passed 7/20/21 but I can't wait to adopt a senior again." People like you are angels to these fur babies! 

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"Nothing like the love and trust of an old dog," wrote @doxy3. "🥰 I love rescuing senior dogs." That's just so precious! We have no doubt that those old guys and gals love you just as much as you love them--just like in this video. Clearly, these pups are so loved and so spoiled--as every dog should be!

Still, rescuing elderly pets may not be for everyone, and that's OK. We were reminded of this when we read @kmh042's comment, which said "I’m so impressed by people who do this. It would wreck me. My mental/emotional state is under so much stress from other issues, 😭❤️." Aww--you're all good! There are so many ways one can love an adoptable animal, even if they aren't in a good place to bring one home.

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