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Couple Builds Luxury House for Their ‘Cat Colony’ and We’re Seriously Impressed

We've seen some impressive cat homes in our day, but we guess you could call the structure that one couple built for their pets a palace. The cat colony was shared by one half of the couple, Emily Bott, on TikTok. And now we have one question: when can we move in?

Bott (@freedomfarmhouse) recently took TikTok on a tour of the mini-mansion that's worthy of an episode of MTV's "Cribs." "My fiancé and I recently finished building a cat house for the cat colony we inherited with our property," she explained in the footage. "There are so many places for the cats to climb and get up high," she continued. The couple made sure there were "plenty of perches" so the cats could look outside. As well as plenty of places for the cats to sleep, climb, and two cat doors so the kitties can leave as they please. Check out the jungle gym they built too— pretty sweet!

Over 2 million people have watched Bott's tour. So we guess you could say it was a hit. "They are living in the lap of luxury. Especially with AC. It's awesome," @paigezigzag wrote. "So glad the algorithm brought me back, you KILLED it on the inside I'm sure they are so happy," @taylormarie350z praised. While another commenter had an excellent suggestion: "You need to put a comfortable arm chair in there, and rent it by the day to people who want to be surrounded by cats," @coweyes63 wrote. 

If you're dying for even more cat colony content, Bott uploaded a second video where she showed the residents taking full advantage of their new digs. "My farm cats exploring their new cat condo," she wrote in the video's onscreen text.

Safe to say that this cat colony is absolutely purr-fect.