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Couple Poses for Wedding Photos With Their Cat and We're Here for It

We tend to always see videos of dogs being invited to their owners' weddings. But what about the rest of the fur babies? Don't worry, TikTok user @chel_miranda made sure their cat wasn't left behind. 

This TikToker decided to share how the photos went with the newlyweds and their fur baby. And let's just say the photos did not disappoint one bit! You'll be wanting to have your kitty in your wedding photos as soon as you see the result. 

Aww! We don't even need to see the rest of the photos because we already know these are the best photos of the entire day. Just absolutely adorable! Heck, we might even frame these and hang them up in our house. LOL! 

"I love this! I've never seen a cat in wedding photos, only dogs. If I ever get married my cats are 100% getting in a photo!" said @Bel95. It's so true, we typically only see dogs in wedding photos. So this video made our entire week! And cat owners can rest easy knowing their fur babies can join in on their day too.

@lisa_xo253 commented, "That cat said, 'It's not your day, it's OUR day.'" LOL! The cat really knew how to make herself the center of attention in a matter of seconds. But that's what one would expect with a cat. "That's what I call a beautiful family. So adorable," added @diabolicaldaughter. The three of them are going to have a beautiful, beautiful life together. Forever and always! 


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