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Couple Makes a 'Home Improvement' So They Can Greet Dogs on Their Walks and We're Here for It

We love meeting new dogs, and we will usually go out of our way in order to pet as many dogs as possible. One couple felt similarly, but they made some home improvements to make it easier for dogs to greet them without having to leave their yard.

TikTok user @emma.caitlin.casey recently shared a video of her parents' new home improvement project. The video shows a hole in a wooden fence, large enough for a dog to stick their head in and say hello when they go past the yard on walks! Check out the video to see the results of this genius project.

OMG, this is too good. We adore this idea and need to figure out a way to implement it in our own yards immediately. The video shows two dogs, one Golden Retriever and one West Highland White Terrier, battling to stick their heads through the hole for some pets from this couple. We love everything about this video!

People in the comments loved the idea but thought they should make the hole bigger! @missypilou said, "Remove more wood, more joy," and @cu57ard commented, "Can you make the viewing gallery bigger?" There should be more space for multiple pups to stick their heads in there at the same time!

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Others thought the two visitors were very cute! @gillxxoffshorex commented, "Awww, I’d sit there all day," and @lolotrix1989 said, "The way they both shove their head in there OMG. Adorable." We love the precious demonstration of how the petting hole works!

This was such a great idea for increasing the average number of dogs petted per day. Spreading the love to all the neighborhood fur babies is the most important job around!

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