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Video of Couple Instantly Bonding With Golden Retriever Puppy Is Just Beautiful

When you go to look for a dog to adopt, sometimes you find a pup that you immediately know is your soul dog. When this happens, it feels like the universe aligned to bring you and this dog together. One family had this wonderful moment when looking to adopt, and you don't want to miss the video of their first meeting.

TikTok user @socalpuppies helps puppies in Southern California find homes by giving them publicity on their account. They recently shared a video of a Golden Retriever puppy that a couple came to consider for adoption, and the first meeting between them is amazing. Check out the video to see what happened!

Oh my goodness, this is beautiful. This man and woman have an immediate bond with this puppy, and it's amazing to see moments like this. We can tell these three will be inseparable!

People in the comments are thrilled this puppy will be going to a great home. @grizzymunster said, "You can just tell they’re going to give the baby such a good loving home," and @nynurse commented, "That's going to be one spoiled dog. Love this!" We can tell that household will be filled with endless cuddles and plenty of treats.

Others agreed that it was the puppy that chose them, not the other way around. @9ballfreak commented, "Yes! That puppy picked his owners. Love that," and @southern_tx_girl said, "Oooh, he adopted them." When the puppy met this couple, he knew this was the family for him!

Moments like this are fantastic to watch because you feel confident that this pup will be living an easy life with parents like this. We hope all dogs are able to feel the amount of love that this dog is receiving with this couple!

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