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Couple's Sweet Way of Incorporating Their Cats Into Their Wedding Is Absolutely Perfect

We all want to include our furry besties on our big wedding day. Somehow, someway. Most people will have them standing up at the altar next to their parents. Others will dress their dogs up and have them walk down the aisle as the flower girl. But the sad truth is, not all of our four-legged friends can make it to the big day, no matter how much we want them to. That's why some people are getting more creative with ways to incorporate their pets. 

One of our favorite ideas to keep include our pets in the wedding comes from TikTok user @beverly_thesiberian. The couple wasn't able to actually bring them to the wedding, which we assume is what most venues are like. So instead of having the two Siberian cats there in person, they are instead there in the form of a picture. And not just a picture in a frame. The way this couple did it is absolutely brilliant! 

Aww! We love this idea so much! It adds such a personal touch that will go a long way for the guests. So sorry in advance, but we'll be stealing this idea! As @California_girl97 wrote, "Thanks, I'm now creating a folder for wedding ideas even though I've only been with my bf for 9 months😂." Ha! Something tells us some single folks out there have been saving this video to save for their future day too! @gcapz added, "Ugh *opens notes app." See? Everyone's jotting it down! 

@julia.rob_hurts69 suggested another element to add to this idea. Her comment reads, "Every drink should have one cat hair in them so they can really be part of the wedding." That'll give the guests the full experience, especially if they don't have cats of their own! "My desire would be to knock all the drinks off counters in honor of the kitties," said LOL! Now we hope to see a furry friend incorporated into the next wedding we go to! 

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