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Kind Couple Rescues a Trapped Baby Deer in Video That’s Going Viral

A pair of everyday heroes are receiving praise on the internet for using some quick thinking to save a baby deer. The pair, who share their adventures in the great outdoors on their TikTok page @debbloom, were walking when they came across the fawn who was trapped under a rock. But it's the lengths they went to to try and free the deer that has people talking online.

The footage was shared by Deb Bloom, who explained that she was walking with a male partner when they noticed that something was off. "So we found this sweet baby stuck down under this rock. She was crying all afternoon," Bloom wrote in the video's caption. "Well she couldn’t get out, so we rescued her." The footage shows the man digging to try and free the fawn. At one point the fawn even let out a scared little bleat while the man tries to free her. "Sorry the vid so abruptly, I had to put the phone down to help," she added.

Later in the thread, Bloom shared that they eventually got the fawn out. "She found her Mama though and all is well," she wrote. Whew!

People in the comments applauded the pair for the save. "You are wonderful and a very kind man," @maureensanders335 wrote, speaking of Bloom's husband. "Awe Deb the sweet thing is lucky y'all found her and got her out," @heatherwilkinson84 added. "BLESS YOU FOR SAVING THIS BABY," @user779682543 exclaimed.

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And we couldn't have said it better.

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