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Video of Couple Breaking Into Pool to Rescue Trapped Baby Ducks Is a Breath of Fresh Air

A rescue mission caught on camera is taking the internet by storm. The target: a group of baby ducks. That’s right, 23-year-old TikTok creator Anastasia (@anastasia_ural_hills) wasn’t going to let a flock of baby ducks get stranded in her apartment complex’s pool. And the way she and a male partner managed to get the ducks safely to land has the internet positively cheering.

According to the video, Anastasia and the unidentified man were walking by the pool, watching the group of ducks, when they noticed something horrible: the baby ducks were too small to get back over the ledge. Oh no! But don't worry, the mission was clear: it was time for “Operation ‘Save the Ducklings.'" The two immediately went to work trying to save the ducklings, which included scaling the locked pool's fence. Take a look to see the lengths they went to in order to try and help these babies.

We love how the whole video was set to the song “Holding Out for A Hero,” by Bonnie Taylor — and people in the comments section agreed that the rescue was nothing short of heroic. “Not all hero’s wear capes!” @chasburger1 wrote, praising the duo. “This melts my heart!! 🥰 Thank you,” @essay_wifey.mama.5.0 chimed in. “Awww what a wonderful person you are. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽” @Samanthapotter09 agreed.

And other people agreed that every pool should come with a ramp so that this never happens again. “Every pool needs a ramp for dogs, cats, turtles, or anything that falls in,” @janeleowana wrote. “There should be regulations on pools for wildlife. like how they are built or with like a proper ramp. IDK but I see so many of these,”@my_next_obsession agreed. And a third commenter could empathize with Anastasia’s struggle. “OMG. I’m having last year flashbacks. I had to do this. They kept jumping back in. All I could hear in my head was Benny Hill theme music,” @canthexmyvibe wrote.

Although, another commenter seemed to sum up our feelings exactly: “No one really talks about how stressful it is to live near ducklings. They’re always getting into trouble!” @Amandanjohnson623 wrote. So very, very true.